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Sky Vegas launch new 'Tipping Point' game

2017-05-10 14:36:02

We will go through this game in some detail for Sky Vegas customers.

How ‘Tipping Point’ Works

‘Tipping Point’ is a 20 win line, 5-reel slot game. Each time the user presses the ‘PLAY’ button, each reel will spin to a random position and symbol. Users must match a 2 of a kind, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind or 5 of a kind to receive a payout. This all leads to the chance of winning 3 Jackpots on the ‘Tipping Point’ counter pusher, with which viewers of the television game show will be familiar.

Setting Your Stake

Sky Vegas users can choose their stake via the plus and minus icons on the left hand of the screen. Each click will alter the Total Stake meter accordingly.

Progressive Jackpots

There are three Progressive Jackpots in the game, labelled Bronze, Silver and Gold. With each spin, a percentage of your money staked is added to each Jackpot (0.2% of the stake for Bronze, 0.5% for Silver and 0.8% for Gold). Each pot has a base value, with Bronze seeded at £500, Silver seeded at £2,000 and Gold seeded at £5,000. These figures will gradually increase in relation to the percentage of funds put into the game until the game is won. When a jackpot is won, Sky Vegas reset the figure to its base amount. These jackpots are only available in real play and winning a jackpot does not affect your daily cumulative winnings limit. Only one player can win the jackpot, which is locked when it is being won thus not allowing other bets to be accepted during this time period.

Further Features

Sky Vegas’ new game has a number of additional features, which should prolong entertainment. The Star Symbol, available only on the 5th and final reel, will add into a 10 stage trail. Landing on the middle reel, the symbol will add a random increment of between 3-10 units to the trail. Otherwise, only one unit will be added. Once the trail is completed and 10 stars are collected, the user enters the Jackpot Bonus feature.

Sky Vegas’ Jackpot Bonus feature, allows users to win cash prizes or one of the Progressive Jackpots. It takes place over 6 rounds, within each the possibility to win 1-3 counters. These are then placed into Sky Vegas’ ‘Tipping Point’ machine, possibly pushing a jackpot symbol over the tipping point. Other counters may also be pushed over, allowing the Sky Vegas customer further chances of winning a prize.

Bonus Spins and Bonus Builders offer even more chances of glory for the user. With a maximum payout of £250,000, ‘Tipping Point’ is sure to prove a winner with Sky Vegas customers.

Tipping Point Bingo

Indeed, Sky Bingo has also introduced a version of the popular game show. Held 3 nights a week, Tipping Point Bingo gives customers the chance to win £$€100,000 with tickets available for £$€0.25.

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