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SuperLenny Makes Mondays Super With A Live Casino Cashback

2017-09-25 12:41:14

SuperLenny loves live Casinos, in fact in the words of the site itself: “Did you know that the legend himself is an avid live casino player? When he’s not visiting the red carpets around the world he likes to take it to the tables. Now you can join him and experience the pulse of a real brick and mortar casino from the comfort of your home at Lenny’s Live Casino.” And that’s no lie.

You can really tell just how much they love the live casino over at Superlenny not only by how awesome and fun it is to play or by how fast and responsive every game is (which must have taken a huge amount of effort by the way) but also through their want, no their need to make you the customer have the very best experience possible on the live casino too. When you are happy on their site they are happy, they get their kicks from satisfying you and they know you are a lot more likely to make your way back to them if you are kept placated. One great way that they achieve this is through their promotions on the SuperLenny live casino.

Promotions are a great way to both bring in new player to a site or a service and to reward the players who have been there for a while and deserve a thank you. They are a sure-fire way of letting your customers get the most out of their time on the site or the site’s particular platform and for that reason they are great for both player and SuperLenny alike.

That is why SuperLenny are bringing you this awesome cashback promotion that you can avail of when you play any of their Live Casino games during the weekend.

When the weekend comes around and you have a bunch of spare time on your hands to relax and play the best games that the site has to offer. You will need to go to the SuperLenny Live Casino and play your favourite game (or least favourite, it doesn’t matter much) to qualify for the promotion and get that 10% cash back from your losses. It is a nice way to get a little bit more from your experience and adds to your weekend enjoyment that bit more. Even if you forget that it is there then it will be a nice surprise to find that you have gotten a chunk of your money back from your weekend gaming sessions.

It is important to note that there is a limit of £100 on cashbacks but that won’t really affect most people who play during the weekend as losing £1,000 on a single weekend is out of most people’s budgets that’s for sure.

The money will be put right into your account every single Monday at 17:00 CET so keep an eye out for that. And hey, why not use this re-earned bonus money cashback to try to win some more money back at the Live casino or even on the normal online casino at SuperLenny where you can play hundreds of slots ‘til your heart’s content and a bit more.

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