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SuperLenny’s Sensational Sundays!

2017-08-04 09:16:01

Sunday's are days for relaxing right? Sunday's are valuable to all of us, they only come once a week but give us the ultimate opportunity to clear our heads and just chill out. Cup of tea, crap tv, and a couple of games of slots to wind down before the rat race of the week starts all over again in the morning. But wouldn't it be great to also have the chance to win even more from your Sunday slotting? To really squeeze the last bits of juice from the peach that is the weekend and get a whole bunch of bonuses by doing nothing extra or strenuous.

SuperLenny, both the website and the anthropomorphic mascot understand Sundays and their prize winning potential completely which is why they/he are offering you a whopper of a promotion every single Sunday!

The promotion is in the form of a tournament, a competition of sorts that pits you against all the other Sunday slot savants on the site at that time.

How to Win

Getting the most out of this promotion is as easy as something that's really easy, in fact, you don't even have to do anything that crazy at all to be in with a chance of winning the top prize every week.

All you have to do to win during the Sensational Sundays is play any of your favourite SuperLenny slot games just as you normally would.