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The 32Red Blog Has Views, News And Reviews, All Waiting For You!

2017-12-29 14:12:21

Many online betting and gaming sites have a blog, they are a great way to connect with their customer-base in a cheap and effective way and they also allow the site to get the best out of their brand ambassadors by getting them to provide their thoughts and views on something that is of interest to their customers. For this reason, it really is a win-win situation when a site has a blog.

32Red clearly sees this win-win scenario and so have put a lot of effort into maintaining and providing content for their own blog. It really pays off as there is very little doubt that the 32Red Blog is one of, if not the best blogs on an online betting site out there. What sets it apart from all of its competitors is not only the huge volume of content that the user can surf through and glean some valuable information from in a fun and accessible way but it is also the high standard to which the blog holds itself to.

One of the ways it holds itself to such a high level of quality is through its awesome team of brand ambassadors. They don’t just grab any random Joe off the street to write about horse racing tips or football or casino games. Alongside their professional staff writers, they also have a group of experienced and well-known contributors who provide them with fantastic, and importantly, exclusive content including their views and tips on stuff that the punter really cares about.

The best example of these ambassadors is in the world of horse racing, a world where sports betting is ubiquitous and tipping can be the difference between coming out a winner and going home a loser. The 32Red Blog has clearly spared no expense in their brand ambassadors and contributors with big names in the horse racing world such as Josephine Gordon, Jamie Spencer, and Adrian Heskin.

As well as their fantastic horse racing coverage from awesome brand ambassadors they also have brilliant online casino coverage for you to sink your teeth into. These often include some great online casino game reviews. These reviews are usually of the new games that have recently made their way on to the 32Red site and they are done in a very fair and balanced way. If you are about to give a game a go it might be worth checking out the 32Red Blog to see if they have done a review of it in order to discern if it will be up your alley or not.

There’s more than reviews too, they will often publish a piece to the blog with an editorial-vibe to them such as ‘Live Roulette: 3 reasons it’s the true player’s choice!’. This opinion piece gives you, the player the opportunity to read a point of view on something that you love which as we all know can be a really enjoyable experience.

They will often also post articles about what is coming soon to their site, be it new games, new promotions or big events so make sure you check in on the 32Red Blog on a regular basis in order to keep on top of all the goings-on at your favourite online gaming and betting site!

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