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The Awesome And Amazing Stan James Blog Is Waiting For You!

2017-10-13 10:15:24

Having customers is of course the ultimate aim of any business, and Stan James doesn’t differ in that regard, and neither do all of its sports betting and casino competitors. Where Stan James does stand out from the crowd in this regard, however, is how they see they should be treating their customers. Instead of just selling them the product of their top of the line sports betting service, awesome bingo and fantastic slots selection they also feel that it is their responsibility to keep their customers up to date on the goings-on in their site, with a little bit of commentary and journalism thrown in there for good measure.

They do this through the use of their constantly updating and highly maintained blog in which they take the chance to provide their customers with information on not just the internal workings of the but also the sporting world in general in which a large majority of their customers will share an interest.

Finding The Blog

It’s pretty clear that the team over at Stan James know just how valuable and great their blog is because they have decided to put it in a very front and centre location on their page, from which it is only a matter of a click until you are there and in the midst of it. To get there all you have to do is go to the main page of the website and then look towards the top-left of the screen. You will be looking for it underneath the large Stan James logo up there so look across the white line that starts with ‘Home’. The ‘Blog’ link is the third one in so you shouldn’t be looking for long.

Click on that and you will be brought directly and immediately brought to the Stan James blog where you will likely see a bunch of new articles written since the last time that you visited the blog if ever.

The Blog

I might as well give you a quick guide as to what the Stan James blog has in store for you so that you know what you will be getting into when you head over there. The largest contribution to the blog is definitely their awesome and accurate sports news. This can, and often does contain match previews of the biggest football matches happening in the near future so that you can read up on them before you head over to the sports betting page and place a wager on any. This is great for you the customer as it is clear that a well-informed punter will do a lot better than one who relies on luck alone. Basically reading these blog posts will give an ever so slight edge up on the bookies themselves, and they’re engaging and fun so why wouldn’t you?!

Another rather large element of the Stan James blog is their casino news. You might not be aware but the Stan James casino comprises a large part of their business and so it is pretty important to them.

In this case, you will often see blog posts about the awesome offers or competitions that the site has on its casino games so you can stay up to date and be informed about how to get the best out of your Stan James Casino playing.

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