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The Awesome Spinit mobile site!

2017-10-06 13:10:20

In recent years there has been a huge shift in the way in which people use the internet. A rather sharp decline in the usage of big desktop computers caused by the birth of smaller more portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones has caused many online businesses to reassess their structure and products to offer a better ‘on the go’ experience for their customers. The same is definitely true for the world of online gaming which has also seen a huge influx in the amount of customers that are now accessing their sites through their mobile devices.

This has caused a push towards more mobile-accessible mobile sites and games from gaming websites and Spinit have been at the forefront of this charge into the wireless future with both the mobile version of their website.

Spinit’s Mobile Site

It’s a rather well-known fact that the desktop version of the Spinit website is very well designed and accessible but the mobile version of the website is where Spinit’s attention to detail and care really comes to fruition.

Unlike with a lot of mobile versions of websites at Spinit you lose nothing when you switch over to the portable side of things, there are very few changes from the original desktop site so the webpages all feel very familiar to you as you browse through them. Rather importantly the main eye-catching theme of the page doesn’t change, it still has all of its wonderful pictures and colours so you can continue to feel the fun from the very first second you load up the page.

The top of the site contains the scrolling list of offers that you will recognise from the main site. All of the offers and extras that you are used to seeing are moving like a slideshow at the top of the screen and they do so automatically, if you would like to however you can move them on their own by swiping left and right.

Underneath these they handily display their featured games in an easy to read list with eye-catching thumbnails for each game. To view only slot games you can simply slide these across with a little swipe and you will be shown even more of the wonderful slot games that Spinit has to offer. If you would rather you can tap on the little icons just above the games shown and be brought to other more specific pages full of awesome games. The first of these is ‘All Games’ which is rather self-explanatory, here you will be able to see well, all of the games available for you to play on the Spinit Casino site.

The next icon will bring you to the 4 different poker games that you can play on mobile, these are a lot of fun so it would be advised to give them a go for sure.

The last icon is all of the newest games that Spinit has to offer on their mobile site. This is a great way of staying up to date with the ever-expanding library of awesome slots and other games that make their way over to the Spinit Casino mobile site.

The website allows you to play a whole host of Spinit’s best games on your mobile wherever you are on your own personal portable device. Handy!

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