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The Casumo Casino Blog

2017-07-03 14:10:56

The Blog at Casumo is generally updated every two weeks or when there is a large announcement that the site wants to make. They use this blog as a platform from which they can tell the world, and particularly their customers, all about their newest games, their kick-ass promotions and any updates or changes that are happening to the site.

Great Sources of Information

The site’s most recent blog post, for example, is titled ‘Scorching real cash daily tournaments to bring on a sizzlin’ summer – only at Casumo. This article goes through all the necessary details concerning their ‘Summer Prizewave’ a huge event they are holding on the site during the summer months. This sort of information is perfect for a blog post as the nature of the blog allows them to give a medium length description of the key facts while keeping things preppy and fun which the limiting character counter in a tweet would simply not allow for. So instead when the post is made and uploaded they will tweet out a link to it so as to catch the eye of the curious customer who happens to be following them and wants to learn more about the offer.

The post that precedes this one, from about two weeks back is an informative piece on the many new games that Casumo have added to their site recently. If you want to know about what is new in the world of Casumo games then all you have to do is read through this blog post where they give you a quick summary of each of the games and even link them at the bottom of the article so that you can try them out instantly. This saves you a whole load of time finding the games and trying them out without any idea of what’s in store for you or trying to find reviews on other sites, it’s all just waiting for you there in the blogs.