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The elite lounge at 888casino is a huge hit!

2018-07-08 09:00:00

Bright Lights, Big Promotions!

Online casino players who like a big bonus or two will be licking their lips with the amount of big money prizes up for grabs at the 888 Casino elite lounge. The new VIP live casino offers amazing bonuses which set 888 Casino apart from their rivals. The elite lounge is a custom concept which is designed to be completely different from any other offering which is currently on the market. The unique elite lounge features revolutionary tables, floor lighting, acoustics, space separation, dealer attire, advanced video walks. Every aspect of the elite lounge has been designed and crafted to immerse casino users in the best live casino experience possible.

A Dream for blackjack and roulette fans

The new elite lounge is open long hours so whenever you feel like experiencing some awesome entertainment, 888 Casino will be there for you. The elite lounge opens at 4PM and stays open for 12 hours. 5 blackjack tables and a roulette table will be ready to go for you. Even outside the opening hours, the action will continue but there will only be two blackjack tables in operation. The positive atmosphere makes the 888 Casino elite lounge the perfect place for amateur and experienced casino users to hang out.