The Future - Cashino's crazy 24/7 move!

2017-08-08 08:31:35

With over 148 high street outlets, Cashino can be found on almost any busy high street. Once you walk into a Cashino, be it in London or Birmingham, you are struck by how similar the premises are. The quality of games is high, the atmosphere is laid-back and positive and the staff is incredibly friendly. This is one of the numerous reasons why the Cashino brand is so popular in the United Kingdom and can now afford to open some of its premises 24/7.

Opening hours extended

Yes, you read that correctly. Cashino at Hessle Road in Hull is the latest shop by the chain to extend its opening hours. In October of last year, the Cashino outlet on Paragon Street decided to open its casino 24 hours a day. Obviously, the Paragon Street move has paid off and Cashino is realising the potential longer opening hours hold.

More flexibility means more business

Cashino's move has been welcomed by people that do not work 9 to 5. Casino enthusiast that work night shift no longer has to wait for the weekend to have some fun playing slots. Instead, they can pop into Cashino in Hull at any time.

This fact was celebrated earlier this month. Local casino enthusiasts attended the Las-Vegas themed "opening hours party", some even walked away with amazing prizes that were up for grabs on the night. At midnight, a TV, an iPad, 60 days free tanning, an Amazon Echo, £50 of holiday vouchers and a DVD player with DVDs were raffled off. "The party was a great success and hopefully we'll be able to do more like it in the future with other Cashino locations," commented Ian Palmer, area manager for Cashino.

Not just benefits for punters

Cashino Hull's new opening hours will not only benefit punters, it will also benefit business and the greater community.
"Opening 24 hours is a massive feat for any business, and we're excited to see where it takes us," added Ian Palmer and confirmed that this latest move has resulted in several jobs becoming available.

According to Cashino, this move created a total of ten new jobs. The new jobs created cover numerous levels, from regular team members to supervisors. The new team members will help cover the new night shifts at Cashino.
“We have taken a great deal of time to train the team to ensure we are being socially responsible, with the 10 new positions that have been created we will soon have a team of 22 people working at Hessle 1 meaning people in the area can play on the machines or use our tanning beds all day, every day. The additional staff members also allow us to keep up the great service we offer our customers," commented Lindsey Sullivan, Cashino’s Hessle Road venue manager.

Should the extended opening hours at the second Cashino premise in Hull prove to be a success, Cashino outlets throughout the United Kingdom are likely to follow suit.

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