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The Paddy Power Acca Insurance Offer - Take the Sting out of your Loss

2017-11-16 10:33:28

Sometimes losing happens, it's a natural part of life. Some say everything would be boring if you won all the time (I'm not entirely convinced of that, winning is pretty fun), so you can take your losses like a champ and roll with the punches. Or… you could get yourself some Acca Insurance at Paddy Power and turn a bad situation into a better one!

This offer from Paddy Power will be sure to turn any frown caused by a loss upside down by making you a winner anyway! That's right, when you place an accumulator bet and one of your team's lets you down you will get your entire bet up to £$€50 back just to add some sugar to the medicine! That way you can feel better about your loss and not feel like you're risking as much the next time you're placing an accumulator bet.

The Promo

We all know that accumulators/accas can be tough, they often have an extremely high reward in both financial and satisfaction terms but they also do carry quite a bit more risk than your standard bet. Instead of betting on the outcome of one match you have to bet on the outcome of many and so the crystal ball of even the most astute and knowledgeable punter becomes a little murkier.

The worst way to lose an acca is when just one of your teams lets you down, it might have been your outside bet or you sure thing but either way, the feeling of being so close but yet so far from cashing out a huge cash prize is close to devastating.