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The Sky Bet App - a revolutionary betting invention

2017-09-17 11:00:00

The folks over at SkyBet have listened to their customer’s requests for an Android app and have delivered a sleek and comfortable app that is easy and enjoyable to use. Due to the fact that the Google Play store has restrictions regarding gambling apps (they don’t allow them) one must get the SkyBet Android App through the SkyBet website. Here is a quick look at how to do just that and a little rundown of what the app has to offer for you once you download it.

Getting the App

The installation of the app is a fast process but it may not be one with which you are entirely used to in which case here is a tutorial on how to get through it.
First of all, you must go to the SkyBet site on your phone/tablet, make sure you only get the app from here because getting it from another place may put your device at risk of malware or viruses but you know that you can trust the SkyBet website.

When you’re on the Android app page simply tap on the black button that says ‘Download Now’ and has a little picture of the Android mascot and logo on it. The Apk file will then start to download to your device and it should be done relatively quickly depending on your internet speed at that time.