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The SlotsMagic Winner's Wall

2017-07-06 11:28:08

Well at SlotsMagic you can be! The site has a whole section dedicated just to big winners like you!

You can point out your position in the leaderboard to friends to get that little bit of bragging out of your system or you can set your sites on your closest rival to try to topple him/her from their spot. The winners' table will add a whole new layer of fun and satisfaction on top of your winnings to make them all the sweeter.

Where to find it

Finding the winner’s table on SlotMagic is incredibly easy and only takes a few seconds. Simply go to the SlotsMagic home page and you’ll be looking at the biggest winners at no time. While on the main page look to the left of it and you’ll see very clearly five large symbols that link you to some of the site’s main features. Just click on the trophy of a bright yellow star in the third position in the list of symbols and you will be instantly brought to the SlotsMagic winner’s circle.


The Winner’s Circle

When you have found this page you will be invited to ‘Check it out’ so that you can see just how much your fellow players have won and on what games. The set-up of the page is simple, it shows you the site’s ‘real winners’ and ‘real money’ so that you can judge what games are the most lucrative and who is getting the most out of them. Or if you’re lucky enough to feature on the board you can see where you rank in comparison to these players.

On the Winner’s page, you will see three tables in total, the first of these three tables is naturally for the biggest winners, those who have one over £300. The table is ordered chronologically so you can see who the biggest winners are on a given day. The biggest winners in this list are highlighted in black so that they stand out even more from their slightly less lucky cohorts.

The second of three tables is for the winners under £300 and it works in the exact same way as the previous table, chronological order with your name, the game you won in, the amount you won and the date on which you won all displayed proudly for the whole site to see!

The fourth table is a little different and it is arguably the most prestigious of the three. This table curates all the top winners from the past month in ascending order from number 10 to the most coveted number one spot. If you ever get to be on this table then count yourself lucky because you are amongst the very best that visit the site.

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