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The StanJames Responsible Gaming Policy

2017-07-05 10:55:52

StanJames is aware of the social consequences of gambling online and also in real life and as a provider of gambling services, there is a big responsibility on its shoulders. StanJames want all of their online users to gamble responsibly and within their means while enjoying the entertainment across all of the StanJames products and channels. As a result, StanJames have put in place appropriate measures to protect their online users and promote a responsible gambling environment.

Deposit limits at StanJames

At StanJames online users are given the option to apply deposit limits on your account on the StanJames website or via their customer service department. The StanJames system will automatically prevent any deposit above the limit that is placed online via desktop or on mobile devices. If any online users have implemented a limit on their account, and they have any concerns or queries as to whether this has been done successfully, you can contact the StanJames customer service team.

Establishing a reality check for gaming at StanJames

StanJames customers may choose at any time to establish a reality check on the account of any gaming sessions at StanJames. All customer online time activity will be monitored closely while you have the option to select from 1, 2 or 4 hours. When a gaming session at StanJames reaches the chosen amount of time, online users are presented with a reality check window, which must be dealt with in order to continue a gaming session.

Self-exclusion tools at StanJames

At StanJames you can choose at any time to self-exclude from their products and services on the website or through their customer service department. Customers are given the opportunity to exclude themselves for 6 months, 1 year. 2 years or 5 years and may be extended upon request for further periods of at least 6 months. If you choose to self-exclude from StanJames, any funds in your account will be returned to you. During the period of self -exclusion, you will not be able to log in to your account, make deposits or withdrawals and you will not be able to play any games.

Self-assessment with StanJames

StanJames believe that it is a good idea to track your gambling habits so that you can address issues before they become a problem. There are some guidelines which StanJames believe you should follow. StanJames believe that online gaming and gambling should be a fun experience but if it’s causing problems StanJames would like to help. The StanJames call centre is always on hand to listen to their users and you can also email or chat to StanJames via their live chat feature.

Online gaming should be a fun experience and StanJames certainly provide great entertainment while promoting responsible gambling.

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