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The Very Best Slot Games from June!

2017-07-26 08:09:52

June was an absolutely fantastic month for slot games, there were a whole bunch of new offerings from the biggest and best software companies who were clearly knuckling down to get fantastic releases out in time for the huge summer rush that happens each year.

Here is just a quick look at three of the games that we feel made the biggest splash in the world of Online gaming over the last 30 days and why they have stolen our hearts (and a good chunk of our time too).

Jurassic World

This one is a no-brainer, Microgaming’s blockbuster themed slot game shook many a cup of water as it stomped onto the scene in early June. This game became monstrously popular within the first couple of days it was released to the public and has grown in popularity ever since. This is due to two main factors, firstly the fresh and awesome game mechanics that make the game feel fluid and quick when playing coupled with its iconic and recognisable design theme meaning it attracted a whole swathe of players both seasoned and new.

Secondly, many of the online casino sites provided wonderful offers of bonuses and huge prizes such as holidays abroad just for playing this game so it is no wonder that people gave it a go and with the first point it is no wonder that people stuck around to keep playing.