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There is gold in them there hills at mFortune!

2017-08-24 13:16:09

Gold Blast at mFortune

Gold is the order of the day at mFortune. This exciting mobile slot game is a change for online casino players to mine for multipliers and huge golden bonuses. Gold Blast is one of the most popular slot games which you will find at mFortune and it is no wonder why. Gold Blast is highly entertaining and lots of fun, the huge earning potential is also a big plus. Mine your way to golden glory over at mFortune, now!

Great Gold Blast Gameplay

Gold Blast is one of the most popular mobile slot games which can be found anywhere. You can choose the number of win lines that you wish to play and the amount that you want to win, easily. You can play gold blast from as little as 2p a spin. Turn a small wager into a huge jackpot win with the click of the spin button at mFortune! If you want gold blast to play in the background, you can select the handy auto spin feature which will make life easier for yourself. Simply select the amount of spins which you want and mFortune will sort out the rest for you. You can also easily adjust the credit limit which you prefer with the auto spin mode, meaning that your Gold Blast game will stop if your credit drops below a certain value.

You’ll be rolling in the gold and cash in no time at all at mFortune. Each of the Gold Blast symbols and combinations add up to different multipliers and prize amounts, all of which are detailed in the pay table which can be easily accessed at any time which you prefer. The pay table will illustrate the number of combination you need to access and play the gold blast mini-games.

Gold Blast’s golden theme

Gold Blast features a whole host of numerical icons along with special symbol which will help you win free spins and enable you to access some highly entertaining mini-games. This golden mobile slots game is a real gem and it will transport you to golden-laden hills where you can dig and pan for gold while hopefully landing yourself a huge jackpot that is full of golden rewards.

Great golden mini-games

The mini-games featured within gold blast are as entertaining as they are rewarding. The first mini-game, titled Rocky Rumble will have you tumbling for cash. Go mining for gold and if you are lucky you will find yourself some multipliers. Carry on mining if you find a multiplier, however, cause a landslide and the game will end. The other minigame is titled River Rush which is also barrels of fun. You will be looking for gold in the gold blast river this time. You will find three areas to choose from, so make a wise choice and get mining! Again, you will strike gold and find some multipliers!

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