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Turning into a millionaire with Sky Vegas feels surreal

2017-04-13 12:21:30

Scott Clydesdale, a 40-year-old builder from Durham, thought little of it when he put down £1 in the Sky Vegas casino and with it received a £20 Sky Vegas bonus. He began playing the slot game Toy Factory. What happened then, after 22 minutes and 36 seconds, was unbelievable: Scott turned his initial stake of £1 into £1.6 million.

Scott’s Disbelief

Sky Vegas presented Scott with a cheque over £1.6 million at the Redworth Hall Hotel in Durham. At the occasion, Scott said: ‘I’ve never had a holiday before – I’ve not got a passport.’ The Durham man that is due to get married this year plans to go to Florida for his first holiday.
‘I’m a bit cynical and never thought that a real person won the big jackpots. Obviously now I know it’s real,’ recounted Scott his thoughts as he won big after 125 spins on Sky Vegas.

Aside from fulfilling his dream of a holiday, the County Durham builder will also be able to follow his biggest hobby, the darts, more closely. As a big fan of Peter Wright, Scott will be able to attend events more often and maybe even place a bet or two on Wright.

The darts Premier League continues through to May 2017 with many opportunities for Scott to enjoy his Sky Vegas winnings.

Sky Vegas congratulates Scott on his huge win

'Massive congratulations to Scott on picking up the £1.6 million jackpot and joining an exclusive club of Sky Vegas millionaires,' commented Sarah Hackett, spokesperson for Sky Vegas.

While each and every minutes £5,000 are won, and on average £250,000 every hour, millionaires aren't made every day at Sky Vegas.

Nevertheless, Sarah Hackett feels that their new selection of games helps: 'We have new games to play and jackpots in excess of a million waiting to be won as we speak, so it’s only a matter of time until we change somebody else’s life for good,' commented the spokesperson at the occasion in Durham.

Winning the Sky Vegas jackpot felt surreal to Scott

A video published by The Sun shows Scott Clydesdale talking to a journalist. The original phone conversation that Scott had with Sky Vegas support staff is played. Scott asks whether the jackpot has gone through, and notes that he is ‘just a bit unsure.’ The staff member reassures Scott and congratulates him. In disbelief, Scott checks again: ‘£1.6 million, is it?’

Scott remembers that he could hear staff members in the background whispering that the jackpot had been won. It was surreal. He expected that such a huge win would make him go to the pub to celebrate, instead, Scott was too excited to eat and found it hard to sleep.
As one would do, he told his partner Sandra first.

Largest Jackpot Ever?

While Scott certainly got lucky, the luckiest slot player ever was a software engineer from Los Angeles. In March 2003, the 25-year-old American turned $100 into nearly $40 million playing Megabucks. The lucky winner came to Excalibur Casino to pass the time while waiting on a basketball game he had tickets for. Rather sensibly, the winner decided to take a yearly payout of $1.5 million a year over the next 25 years.

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