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UK General Election Odds at StanJames

2017-05-31 10:42:14

The general election takes place on the 8th of June and StanJames is where you can find some of the best value.

If you’re a Theresa May and Conservative fan then StanJames is the place to check out! StanJames has the best price on offer for an overall Conservative majority at 1/20. Theresa May is the clear favourite and even though under normal circumstances 1/20 wouldn’t be worth a bet, all the polls suggest it’s almost certain. For those punters who enjoy a big bet then StanJames has you sorted for this one.

Another bet for those of you who like to splash the cash, StanJames offers 1/25 for the Tories to win the most seats. For a bet that’s almost certainly a shoe-in to come in, StanJames is the bookmaker to bet with as this is the best price you’ll get for the Tories winning the most seats.

Labour supporters and Jeremy Corbyn will be biting their nails ahead of polling day on the 8th of June and StanJames seem to be feeling that vibe. StanJames are offering odds on Labour becoming the main party in British Politics at 12/1. If the wheels are going to fall off Theresa May’s and the Conservatives’ wagon, then it’ll more than likely Labour and Jeremy Corbyn and Labour to pick up the pieces. 12/1 are good odds to be got at StanJames.

Brexit, Trump, surely not again?

For the brave punters, who sense that another global political major upset could be on the cards, StanJames offers odds on the Liberal Democrats and Tim Farron to take office at 350/1. Odds on UKIP become the number one political force in the UK are 1000/1 with StanJames while odds for the Greens are also at 1000/1 with StanJames.

Britain’s Now Ready For Steady

Since last June British politics has been a rollercoaster with everything turning upside down. Some clarity is needed and StanJames feel that finally, British politics will get some sense of steadiness. Since the Brexit vote, last summer and David Cameron stepping down as Prime Minister, the political landscape in Britain has been crazy. Theresa May took up the role as Prime Minister unexpectedly after the resignation of David Cameron. There has been political turmoil ever since and nobody saw this snap election being called. StanJames believes Theresa May will now have the opportunity to steer the British ship for another five years and make sure that Britain doesn’t get left behind their European counterparts in the wake of Brexit.

The British voters have already made one major blunder in the last twelve months and StanJames doesn’t believe they will be making another one! Check out StanJames for all the latest odds for the British General election.

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