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Unibet announce deal with Supercar Championship

2017-08-18 06:49:27

Unibet who are best known for their online betting platform and gaming site have recently announced that they will partner up with the ever-growing Australian motor-racing series ‘The Supercars Championship’ for a period of two years.

This new deal, which was put into effect at the weekend means that Unibet will begin to serve as the Supercars Championship’s official betting and wagering partner for the duration of the series.

This is a great deal for Unibet as they will be able to promote their site through a large amount of on-track signage at all race events and other race related events. The deal also allows them to solely partner with the series on various joint initiatives including special promotions and prices that will be exclusive to the Unibet platform.

According to both Unibet and the Supercar Series this new partnership will focus heavily on digital content integration, which means that they will push towards the goal of “deeper understating” of statistics behind the sport for their customers and other fans using the techniques and technology that Unibet have to offer and the raw data that running a series of races provides. This will no doubt boost the profile of the Supercars Series spectacle as motor sports fans will be a lot more likely to stumble across it when it is being promoted on and integrated into the Unibet site making the deal a true win win scenario for all involved.

It would seem that the Supercars folks are incredibly thrilled with the deal as not only will it increase support for what they do but the added income of the deal will enable them to make further developments and progress in their sport. The managing director for Supercars Matt Braid had this to say on the deal:
“We are pleased to partner with one of Australia’s and the world’s leading sports betting agencies.
“The high quality, intense competition of our sport delivers excitement to millions of passionate fans which make Supercars the ideal partner for Unibet.”

This buzz and excitement were clearly mirrored by the words of Unibet Australia's head of marketing and operations Julian Timmins, “Unibet Australia is looking forward to working with Supercars to ensure fans are as well informed as possible when watching and betting on their favourite teams and drivers.
“We see Supercars as a fantastic platform to engage with and inform punters.”

Just earlier this month the UK arm of Unibet announced that they had signed a deal with Birmingham football club Aston Villa. The betting company seem to be making a lot of moves in sponsorship and promotion, a vital tactic for staying popular and relevant in the extremely competitive and tough market of sports betting.

It would be no surprise if there were to be even more announcements of sports sponsorships and betting partnerships coming from Unibet as they are clearly dedicated to their marketing strategy and bringing more services and sports to all their customers and users.

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