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Unibet Poker tournament leads to company offering refunds

2017-07-06 12:17:41

Unibet poker is not commonly known for their large tournaments with large guarantees. Unibet poker traditionally focuses their efforts on recreational poker players.

Not all plain sailing

However, there was a bit of a hitch at Unibet poker and a planned break failed to occur which prevented players in the €50,000 guaranteed event from purchasing an add-on, otherwise, the prize pool could reach a whopping €80,000 or more. Unibet quickly realised what had occurred and Unibet Poker announced that they would refund the initial buy-in of €90+€10 to every single player who was still in the tournament at the point of the add-on break who did not navigate their way through to the money places.


A statement from Unibet poker read: “We wanted to come in to let you know that we’ll be compensating players affected by this tomorrow. There should have been an add-on break which didn’t come in the €50K GTD ‘Half Billion’ (we’re looking into the reasons why now) and we’ll refund the initial buy in (€90+€10) to every player who was still in at the point of the add-on break who did not finish in the money.” This appears to be a worthwhile gesture from Unibet poker and the online poker players who were affected by the bug will be happy that Unibet poker made amends for the bug.

Media attention

The tournament had gained a lot of attention online and online poker players around the world were highly anticipating this poker tournament at Unibet poker, due to the huge prize pool on offer and due to the fact that it is not the regular type of tournament that Unibet poker offers to their online poker player. Unibet poker reiterated that anyone who had not yet been given back their refund or even if they had any queries, they could get in touch: “Apologies for this, definitely takes the gloss off what was otherwise a really exciting tournament for us. Refunds will take place tomorrow once we get the full breakdown of players affected. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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