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What’s to be seen in the Mr Green Sportsbook?

2017-07-13 15:16:53

Betting on sporting events is almost as old a tradition as sport itself and when traditions are as entrenched as that you sometimes need a proper traditional gent to bring you through it. Look no further than Mr Green, the classy man who knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to betting on sports. The mythical icon has built a great online betting website that is easy to use and informative too.

A Gentleman's Sportsbook

When you first go to the ‘Sports Home’ you are introduced to the place by a friendly little message from the site to welcome you: ‘Welcome to the Gentleman’s Sportsbook! Mr Green has made it easy to place your bets on the latest sports events and at the same time spin your favourite slots by using our seamless wallet. Enjoy!’ This dialogue box doesn’t just leave you with a quick hello however, it wants to help you as much as it can, if you decide to click on the ‘next’ button it will jump upward like it is excitingly trying to show you the next part and it will provide you with a handy little help message about the top menu: ‘This useful menu is where you will find the leagues, events and sports that we hope you will enjoy the most. No matter where you navigate, the latest sports events for you will only be a click away.’