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Win big time with Ladbrokes Lotto!

2017-06-22 15:00:00

When we think about Ladbrokes, we instantly think about bright red shop fronts on British or Irish high streets. We think about football bets and some may think about their fabulous online presence, especially their casino offering. Few will associate the truly British company with Spain, even fewer with the United States. Yet, Ladbrokes recently launched its lotto section that makes these two countries, alongside Ireland, a focal attraction.

Ladbrokes Lotto focuses on Spain

Each and every year, Spaniards get together to celebrate not just Christmas but a potential lottery win. Spain is renowned for its lotto culture that cumulates in el Gordo - the Spanish Christmas lottery - on 22 December. el Gordo translates into 'the fat one', and that it is.
As such it should be unsurprising to see that Ladbrokes Lotto offers players from around the world the chance to play the Spanish Sunday Lotto, the Spanish Lotto 6 Ball and the Spanish Daily Lotto 7 Ball. To participate in el Gordo players have to take a trip to Spain though - and would mind that?

Ladbrokes Lotto is easy to navigate. Players simply need to choose the lottery they want to enter. A window opens that shows the date and time of the next draw, a drop-down even allows players to pick whether they want to enter the lottery for only the next draw or for up to five draws.

Next, players at Ladbrokes Lotto need to pick their numbers. For those that are little superstitious, a quick pick is available; simply, click on Lucky Pick and choose how many numbers you would like randomly generated. Once the computer does its magic, you can choose whether or not you want to choose those numbers. In a final step, you check your total stake and potential returns, and simply click on place bet.

Say hello to the Big Apple with Ladbrokes Lotto

The New York Lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the United States and is, just like its Spanish counterpart, available to players from overseas via Ladbrokes Lotto.

Players at Ladbrokes Lotto can choose New York Lotto 6 Ball or 7 Ball, and in doing so can support New York state in its efforts to raise revenue for public education within the state.
It is just as easy to play the US lottery on Ladbrokes Lotto as it is to play the Spanish lottery via the British gaming site. The same principles apply. The only difference being that the Spanish Sunday draw is more profitable than New York's 6 or 7 Ball lottery.

In light of the Spanish and New York lotteries, the Irish Lottery that Ladbrokes Lotto provides seems little exotic. Yet, playing the Irish lottery on Ladbrokes Lotto could result in a potential return of £125,000.00 at a stake of £1.
Whichever lottery you may pick, the handiest feature on Ladbrokes Lotto applies to all. No more googling and trawling the web for those lotto results. Ladbrokes Lotto neatly summarises all lotto results. Simply click Results and - fingers crossed - be bamboozled at what you see.

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