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You've got mail! It just might be a Casino Cruise promotion!

2017-09-05 14:58:38

Casino Cruise like dealing with their customers over email when it comes to promotions and letting them know about the new happenings on the site so that they can stay up to date and informed. This means that they need a way to get in contact with their members that is unobtrusive and free for both parties. There is really only one service that provides this kind of free and easy communication and that is email.

The email promotions that they send your way are also often pretty exclusive to just their email recipients so if you’re not receiving any correspondence from Casino Cruise then you may be missing out on some great deals. This is more than likely a direct result of an overactive spam filter in your email account.

This means that the email operator will filter it out and it won’t appear in your inbox as well as it is automatically deleted after a certain amount of time to clear up space. This is disastrous if you are the type of person who likes to receive offers and promotions from such places like Casino Cruise especially since quite a few of them are exclusive to recipients.

In order to fix this Casino Cruise have provided us with the details for how to prevent it from happening for the most popular email service providers out there. And if yours is not here then I would suggest either contacting the provider directly for help or trying to figure it out yourself.