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A history of Vault Assault Jackpot wins

2017-04-04 13:35:36

Vault Assault is one of the simplest slots around and it is so easy to play that you can browse other websites while playing it! The game is made by software giants NetEnt and the main objective of this slot is to break out of a bank with as much as cash as possible. One thing that I like about this slot is that some of the symbols are a nice throwback to old school fruit machines. For instance, the classic bar symbol is here in this game but it is illustrated as a prison bar instead! The main attraction of this game is the lucrative high jackpot that it contains. You will have to crack a really hard safe in order to bag that treasure!

The Game

The game was designed so that any player could pick up and play it instantly. This is why it only features 3 reels and one win line. Very minimal for a slot game I know. The minimum you can bet with this game is €1 and the maximum is €3. You will win different prizes depending on what symbols land across the reels. One thing that I like about this game besides its simplistic nature is that there is no real skill involved when playing this game. There is no need for tactics or patience with this game, just spin those reels and hope that lady fortune is smiling down upon you! And If you are lucky enough to land the safe symbol 3 times anywhere along the reels then you will be awarded the second jackpot prize of 3,000 coins. This is the equivalent of €9,000 euros so not a bad payout there at all if I do say so myself!