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China looking to block online gambling

2017-08-02 13:28:52

No market for online gambling in China?

Chinese citizens who use foreign online gambling sites may have to find some new hobby to entertain themselves. This is a result of the news which broke stating that overseas online gambling sites will be blocked in China by next year. This is bad news for the industry in Asia, which was hoping that it would begin to grow further in China. State-run telecoms operators have been outlined to begin cracking down on virtual private networks (VPN).

China’s government shows no signs of being anyway lenient towards overseas online gambling sites. Earlier in 2017, China’s ministry of industry and information technology outlined that all VPN services would need to gain government approval in a move which made it very difficult for betting companies to try to break into the potentially lucrative Chinese betting market. The Chinese government said that this move was being enforced as part of a “Clean up” of unauthorised internet connections. Virtual private networks can be used to reach banned sites, which is why the Chinese government are now acting very strict with these matters. Many Chinese citizens use VPNs to visit news sites, social media services such as Facebook and Twitter, and online gambling platforms.