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Do you know the Secrets of the Phoenix?

2017-06-27 12:06:07

This has, of course, led to a huge amount of new cascading slot games being made by software companies and uploaded to popular online gaming sites in order to fill this demand. One of these such games is GamesysSecrets of the Phoenix, a great game that gives huge wins and an inordinate amount of fun.


The theme of the game is a sort of Incan/Aztec vibe that just shouts mysticism and magic in the same way that the game’s title does. The symbols in the game are all very distinct from each other which makes it incredibly easy to tell them apart as you play which is extra necessary for cascading slots due to the faster-paced nature of the game.

The design of Secrets of the Phoenix is both stylish and simple, the straightforward layout of the controls and the game screen is very easy on the eye and would help any new players of the game to navigate their way around it and to win big on it. All of the necessary game information such as the number of free spins is plainly displayed along the side of the screen in large stone blocks so as not to break the theme and aesthetic that the game developers were going for when they drew the artwork for the game.

The stunning background adds to the overall aesthetic excellently with the magical and mysterious floating islands adding a sense awe and the sky blue transition into the wispy white of the clouds is incredibly serene and relaxing to look at.


As with other cascading slot games, Secrets of the Phoenix is fast paced and energetic thanks to the falling animations of the slots instead of the standard spinning that slots usually employ. In cascading slots the symbols fall from the sky in a sort of Tetris manner although unlike Tetris, of course, you don’t have control over where they go (that would be cheating). Just like Tetris though whenever you get something right, in this case, a winning combination of symbols then the winners disappear from the game board.

The ramifications of this are huge in slots of course when symbols disappear other ones fall in to take their place, this means that huge strings of wins can be had when symbols that come in complete combinations and then disappear again to allow for more combinations to be formed. The concept of Cascading slots transforms slots by allowing you to make continuous wins with just one spin.

The game has a 5x3 reel set up with 25 paylines which mean the opportunities to win big on your spins is huge especially due to the cascading slot system as previously discussed.

Secrets of the Phoenix also has a bunch of great extras such as wild symbols and bonuses that appear on the reels at random. These will help you to earn more winnings and they go a long way to keeping the game fresh and interesting as you play.

Overall this is a beautiful and incredibly fun game that I would recommend you check out very soon at your favourite Gamesys affiliated casino website.

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