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Does online gambling loom on the horizon for the USA?

2017-09-04 14:54:02

Online gambling may be coming to the US sooner rather than later. The state of New Hampshire is seeking to legalise online gaming activities which would be an incredible outcome for the online gambling industry. The H-562 bill allowing online gambling in the state of New Hampshire is still alive as a hearing to discuss the controversial bill is set to take place in early September.

Is online gambling on the way for the USA?

September 6th could well be a landmark day for the online casino and online sports operator industry in the US. The State of New Hampshire could well be a step closer to the legalisation of online gambling activities very soon. A hearing will take place on September 6th, where the H562 bill will be highlighted. It is looking like those in charge could potentially be warming to the idea of regulated online gambling. New Hampshire became only the fifth US state to authorise online lottery sales and if the State was to legalise online gambling activities, it could lead to more States looking to follow suit.

What is the H562 bill all about?

The H562 bill could see online operators from all over the globe be allowed to offer New Hampshire residents online gambling products due to the lack of land-based gambling operators in the state. The bill will exempt any gambling done over the internet from gambling offences under RSA 647. The hearing on September 6th is a positive development for New Hampshire’s proposed legislation of online gambling. New Hampshire has seen a lot of progress in recent months and they will be hoping that there is further development to come.

Illinois’ hopes look to be fading

Illinois is another US State which is desperately seeking to legalise online gambling. However, any hopes that the bill could be passed into law in the near future seem to have passed. There had been a lot of hope just a few months ago that a bill would pass the vote in the House and be signed into law after the Senate gave online casinos, poker and fantasy sports the green light.

That brief wave of optimism looks to have vanished however after a series of committee meetings failed to bring about any progress on the matter. The online gambling bill looks like it has been put on the long finger, for the time being, meaning that it won’t be considered until the next legislative session at the earliest. Officials in Illinois appear to be keen to push an online gambling bill through, the State’s governor, Bruce Rauner had even spoken about extending the legislative session in the hopes of passing the online gambling bill. As Illinois is facing a severe fiscal deficit, it is believed by many that legalising online gambling would go some way towards shoring up the State’s finances.

The legalization of online gambling is a controversial topic in the US, it’s a subject which we are likely to hear about a lot more in the coming years!

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