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Microgaming lead the way with Virtual Reality Roulette

2017-02-13 09:31:41

Virtual Reality is exploding right now and online casinos are sitting up and taking notice of this in a big way. None more so than Microgaming who recently won the Digital Gaming Innovation award at the Global Gaming Awards event last year for their virtual reality roulette game.

Microgaming presented this game early last year to the general public using an Oculus Rift DK 2 headset with a Leap Motion 3D Controller and it knocked everyone's socks off!
As soon as you enter the virtual world, you are greeted by a friendly robot who plays the part of the roulette dealer. The coolest thing about this game is how you can interact with it. You can see your hands and physically place bets on the table and also interact with the surroundings. The technology is extremely impressive and really opens up a wave of possibilities for online slot games going forward. Microgaming have plans to release different variations of Virtual Reality roulette.