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Mobile Game Maker King Releases First Slot Game In Malaysia

2017-11-02 11:22:30

If you’re a big player of mobile games then there is no way you haven’t come across the giant of mobile gaming that is King. As a company they have managed to dominate the world of mobile gaming through their range of exciting and colourful games. But one stands out as a cultural phenomenon more than any others and it will be the one that they are the most remembered for in time to come. That is of course the massive Candy Crush, the game so big that it was able to have its own section devoted to it in the Emoji Movie at the end of the summer. And now the team that brought you that slice of fried gold is making its way into the world of mobile slots!

That’s right, the guys and gals who worked on one of the most successful mobile games ever made have set their sites on the world of online casinos. And frankly we are very excited to see what they can do with it.

The game is yet to have a worldwide release having being released in what is known in the biz as a “Soft Launch”. That means that it is not hitting every market at once but instead it is being introduced slowly so as to gauge audience reaction and try to get an idea of just how much technological effort they will have to put behind it after launch. If the game is super popular all of a sudden for example they will have to devote a whole bunch more servers to it and bring in more people to develop it further and maintain it. Releasing it in a test market first allows to see if all of that is necessary or not by looking at initial sales.