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Roulette patterns: Faith in the Unknown

2016-09-27 15:17:44

We have seen them all: the players and big winners, such as Christian Kaisan, the German professional. Armed with plenty of cash, and belief in a powerful winning system, they made their way to the dry desert state of Las Vegas. The algorithm behind online roulette games, however, is on a different level – and by that we mean, hard to beat. Having said that, as online casino fans, we believe in the games we play – and there certainly is an advantage in finding a strategy.

To begin with, let’s get the mathematical facts right: When betting on either red or black on a European wheel, a player always has a 48.65 % chance of winning.

This is a fact that players are unaware of at times. Commonly, players who let previous results dictate their choice disregard this. This mode of thinking is called the “gamblers’ fallacy”.