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Simply the best - the five greatest online casino games

2018-12-14 10:00:00

Since the turn of the century and with the necessary advancements in technology and the internet, thousands upon thousands of online casino games have been developed to suit the acquired tastes of players.

From the weird and wonderful to the jaw-dropping spectacular, there really is a never-ending amount of choice for punters to get their claws stuck into.

Here, we take a look at the five best online casino games to have hit our screens.

5. European Roulette

Starting off with a simple yet very effective online game. European Roulette, which has all the crisp features and benefits you would expect as if being at the tables. It’s one of the oldest forms of gambling and players can win an untold amount of money.

The graphics and layout add to the real-life experience players expect to absorb as well, keeping punters entertained for hours upon hours. Roulette will always be ranked as a favourite form of gambling for a variety of punters and this game will not disappoint.

4. Gladiator

Based on the hugely successful blockbuster movie, Gladiator is a slot game that has all the relevant features to keep players enticed. With up to 50 pay lines and a vast number of prizes on offer, Gladiator has been a firm favourite with punters from all over the world.

Similar to the film, players can ‘step into the Coliseum’ as it were and soak up the atmosphere with a variety of sounds, noises and lights to heighten the experience of playing. Gladiator has five reels and the game is attributed to having a low variance, meaning small but regular payouts.

3. Online Blackjack

Another old school game but certainly a fan favourite, Online Blackjack is available to play across a whole host of sites and platforms. There’s no hidden nasties or anything too complicated about blackjack for that matter, it just allows the user to play as if they were in a real casino.

The colours, graphics and features all complement Online Blackjack to stunning effect and there’s no better feeling than landing that all-important 21 in blackjack. The game is straightforward to use and easy to navigate which makes it one of the best online games to date.

2. Mega Moolah

One of the oldest and most vintage slot games, Mega Moolah is a household name amongst online gamers and it continues to go from strength to strength. The colourful graphics and array of large prizes make Mega Moolah one of the most popular games to play online.

Just ask John Heywood, who claimed a cool £13.2m in 2015 when he won the largest ever payout in UK history. The British soldier is just one of a number of people who have landed life-changing sums of money which further highlights how good the game is. Mega Moolah also comes in a variety of different versions, allowing players to choose their own preference.

1. Mega Fortune

The daddy of online slots, Mega Fortune is another classic when it comes to online games. Its simplicity, easy-on-the-eye graphics and varied sounds and noises make it attractive for players to become accustomed to.

The basis of the game is a five-reeled, 25 line video slot whereby players can choose the number of lines and the size of your coin. Furthermore, the Mega Fortune Jackpot Game is the real temptation for users who can win an unlimited amount of money.

The large jackpots are won every few months, which is another reason Mega Fortune rates so highly amongst players from all over the globe. Mega Fortune really does offer everything in terms of high payouts, stunning graphics, a wide variety of prizes and brilliant features.

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