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Slot Bonuses - What exactly are they all about?

2018-06-16 09:00:00

Nearly all slots that are worth their salt contain bonuses and these are rewards that players aim for when playing a slot game online. The only problem that players encounter when playing a slot game, is that they expect a bonus with every spin that they make! Do not worry as once you trigger a bonus in a game, it is well worth waiting for.

Slot Bonus Games

Bonus games in slots usually unlock when you land a certain combination of symbols across the reels. You should always remember when playing slots to consult the paytable so you know exactly when you will trigger a slots bonus. Paytables are a fantastic way to see which paylines will give you a payout and also to see what each symbol represents in a game.

3D slots and mobile slots feature a wide of variety of bonus games and these games or rounds are triggered by landing the appropriate symbols along the reels. Some bonus games take the form of mini-games which is really interesting as they usually take you to another screen away from the main game. They create a nice distraction if you are playing a slot for a long period of time and almost feel like a new game when you play them. Some bonus games tie in with the theme of the game so if you are playing a fantasy or adventure-based slot then a mini-game will involve the hero or adventurer trying to reach a cave or a treasure far away.

Other bonus games can feature pick me games where the player has to carefully click on some treasure chests or other items such as hearts and books. Once you click on a chest then you will be awarded a nice bonus prize such as free spins, coins or multipliers.

Playing These Games

When playing bonus slot games, it is worth remembering that is all down to luck whether you get to play a bonus game or not. There is no skill involved whatsoever as it is completely random. Bonus games vary from slot to slot and again it is important to consult the paytable so you know what kind of bonuses a slot features. Software developers are constantly looking at ways to improve their slot games and some have even included more than one bonus game in their latest releases. For example, in Microgaming’s popular slot Dragonz, it is possible to pick from one of four bonus games. Bonus games provide lots of replay value for players and this is why developers are trying to cram in as many bonus features as possible in their newest titles.

A Handy Tip

Most slots nowadays feature a demo option. This enables players to try out a game for free before placing any real bets. I would highly recommend all players to test a game out first in demo mode before diving straight into a game and betting real money. This way, you will be able to get a feel for the game, consult the paytable, and know exactly what triggers a slots bonus without spending any money. It is also a crafty way of testing a game to see how long it takes for a bonus game to kick in.

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