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Super Bowl in figures: Less Beyoncé, more betting

2016-08-26 13:20:25

Viewers remarked that Super Bowl 50, which took place on 7th February and saw the Denver Broncos beat Carolina Panthers 24 to 10, was a relatively joyless spectacle. Beside the constant advertising breaks and Beyoncé’s somewhat outrageous performance, the game was over before the second quarter had even started. By Quarter one, the Broncos were up 10 points.

While, this year’s Super Bowl was a long cry from an exciting game, a record total of wagers were placed on the game. In Nevada, sports books generated $132.5m in wagers on the game.

This figure was released by Nevada’s Gaming Control Board (NGCB). The total number was up $16.52m year-on-year. Last year, the total amount stood at $115.98m.

According to the statistics, over the past seven years the amounts wagered have increased with exception of 2015, which saw a slight slump from 2014.

These official figures can be added to a large amount of illegal bets, which the American Gaming Association (AGA) predicted will make up for 97 % of all wagers on this year’s Super Bowl.

These figures make interesting reading for law-makers. Currently, sports betting is legal in Nevada. Delaware, Oregon and Montana have somewhat ambiguous laws. For example, Delaware allows bets on NFL matches in form of parlays.

With Daily Fantasy Leagues, and questions concerning their legality, currently a topic in many states, including New York state, statistics on the Super Bowl emphasise the importance of creating clear-cut gambling legislation in all American states.

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