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Super Jackpot Slots - a nice trip down memory lane

2017-04-18 16:37:42

Slot games were not readily available on home computers in the early 1990s so gamers could not experience the thrill of playing slots unless they went to a real casino. That all changed in 1990 when Mark Siegel released the cult classic Super Jackpot Slots on the Atari ST. Admittedly, the graphics were not that great compared to what mobile slot games can offer nowadays but it was a big step in the computer gaming world as the game allowed players to play some slots without actually risking any money at all.

Choosing a game to play

In order to run the game on an Atari ST, you had to install it from a disk. No instant play games back in those days I can tell you! Once the program has been installed, you will be taken to a screen that displays six slot machines to choose from. If you click on the small dollar bill in the upper left corner of the screen then you will be able to change the bet size from $50 to $200 in virtual money. Once you are happy with your bet size, then all you need to do is to decide which of the 6 slot machines you want to play first. The machines consist of a very small 5-cent machine, two 25-cent machines, two $1 machines, and a $5 machine that should appeal to all of the high rollers out there.

Super Jackpot Slots Screenshot

Playing the games

One thing that impressed me about this game is how it replicates a slot machine really well. For example, the upper section displays all winning combinations of symbols and the number of coins each pays. This is quite common in some of the old one-armed bandits. And much like these machines, if you land three lucky 7s in a row then you will win the biggest jackpot! The normal jackpot payout is 200 coins but that is only $10 on the 5-cent machine. Not great for high rollers of course but the cool thing about these machines is that they each feature a progressive super jackpot than can get as high as $999,999! To heighten the stakes a bit, the jackpot turns on and off itself when a coin is inserted into the slot machine.

A really neat feature of this game is that you have to click on your mouse and physically drag the arm of the slot machine in order to get the reels spinning. It is a fine tribute to all of the old one-armed bandits still alive and kicking out there today! Naturally, the game ends when you run out of virtual money so there won’t be a big burning hole in your pocket when you play this game no matter how much you lose!

This game was definitely ahead of its time when it was released and it was one of many casino-based games that arrived on home computers and consoles over the years. It is a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane but technology has advanced so much that this game would not display well on even a mobile device nowadays. Still, it brings back fond memories and it was a fun experience to play Super Jackpot Slots again and lose some virtual money.

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