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The different types of Fruit Machine

2018-06-02 09:00:00

As the most popular casino game, it's no surprise that game developers are continually attempting to improve and vary their slot machine games. To ensure that players remain interested, creators style their slot machines around appealing themes, like movies, video games, or comic books. The pay tables generally vary, so do the best ways to win, however, there are primarily four main variations. The four main slots variations are traditional three and five-wheel slots, progressive slots, video slots, and casual slots style games.

For the most part of the last century, slot machines were straightforward enough. They consisted of a metal box that housed spinning, mechanical reels with symbols on every reel. If the symbols lined up and matched, then the player won a jackpot.

Over the last 3 decades, PC and game technology have caused massive changes in the way slot machines are run. Gamblers still see spinning reels; however, the mechanism is currently high-powered by a microchip referred to as a random number generator. Additional options have become commonplace, and dozens of different forms of slot machines became available to players.

Traditional Fruit Machines

Traditional Fruit Machines have 3 reels and one pay-line and are available in a very wide range of themes with ample extras. They are designed to emulate actual slot machines just like the ones found in land based casinos and are so extremely basic. Many of the renowned 'one-arm bandits' are replicated for on-line play with such attention to detail that the designers even embody options like inserting virtual coins and pull on virtual levers (via the mouse). While these Fruit Machines won't be the most diverting of the variations, they're by far the best and therefore the simplest to play, allowing for a comparatively stress-free gambling experience.