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Vault Assault - Jackpot information

2016-12-06 16:12:58

Vault Assault Jackpot

When it comes to jackpot slots, it really doesn’t come more simple than this game. Its very small screen presence means that it is not imposing and you could even browse other websites while playing. The name, Vault Assault, refers to the aim of breaking out of a bank with a stack of cash, hopefully in the form of the jackpot. The reel symbols are the classic bar symbol found in fruit machines (with an ironic twist of prison bars behind), police cars, a safe and dynamite. On top of the very appropriate symbols, you will even hear cool sound effects such as the sound of the police siren chasing you.

Jackpot Information

Minimum Bet = €1.00 per spin
Maximum Bet = €3.00 per spin
Average Payout Percentage = 95.4%

The jackpot can only be won when you are playing the maximum bet (3 coins). The winning jackpot combination is 3 Safe Symbols on a win line.
The game features a progressive local jackpot!!

Progressive Jackpot

Vault Assault Jackpot is a tiny jackpot slot, but a huge jackpot could be accumulated. A progressive jackpot is for the taking, meaning that the jackpot rises every time a player in the same casino as you plays a spin. A percentage of this amount is added to the jackpot, and this will flash across the top of the slot game so that you know what the big prize is at all times.

Jackpot Payouts

The progressive jackpot was won at its biggest ever peak in 2012. By the time that it was won, one lucky slots fan scored €180,000!!! This was the highest amount that was ever won.

It is worth noting that the jackpot will reset to a minimum amount, meaning you will always be playing for a nice sum of money. In the case of hitting the jackpot at any time, you can be guaranteed to win a minimum of €5,000.

The progressive jackpot is won on average twice a year, across all casinos and so there is a very real chance of winning. The theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) is at 94.1%.

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