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What's the deal with Virtual Reality Roulette?

2017-07-11 12:31:50

Well, first of all, we must get to the bottom of what virtual reality roulette actually consists of then we can begin to speculate as to what its future is and how it will continue to be developed.

If you are completely unaware of the revolution that has been happening in the video gaming world over the past few years then worry not, I’ll give a brief description of what Virtual Reality, or VR for short, is and what it does to enhance the gaming experience.

Oculus Rift

One of the first in this newest spate of Virtual Reality Kit came a couple of years ago when small start-up firm Oculus hit the market with their ‘Oculus Rift’. At the beginning, as with all technological advances, the features and capabilities were somewhat rudimentary compared to now, however as the popularity of the device began to grow the imagination of more and more people became captured by this device. The possibilities seemed endless and so games developers and companies alike set to work in the development of programmes and games that would utilise the Rift’s technology, some firms decided to go into competition with Oculus and created their own devices to work with their own software. The trend became so popular that even gaming giant Sony got on board and released their PlayStation VR headset to the market.

The key advantage of VR over regular gaming is definitely that extra level of immersion that it gives the player, the headset matches your head movements 1:1 so that everything the player looks at the avatar also looks at in real time.