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Jackpot Jamba from Betsoft Gaming: Slot Review - this game really looks great

Jackpot Jamba by Betsoft Gaming comes with a progressive jackpot. To be in with a chance, players have to bet the maximum and receive five confetti sevens. Read this GamingRevolution review to find out more about this slot machine.

The online game, designed by Betsoft, never lags when the game is playing and loads seamlessly. The typical buttons, which make gameplay, especially adjusting your bets, easier are part of the video slot. While the game is intuitive and you should get the hang from spin one, detailed info on rules and win combinations are available within a single click.

Jackpot Jamba Screenshot

Special Features

Let’s put it this way, the online game’s name isn’t its strongest point. The rather uncreative name, Jackpot Jamba, indicates that this is a jackpot game. Surprise, surprise, it’s also the thought of winning that jackpot, that attracts most players to Jackpot Jamba from Betsoft.

This jackpot is progressive, and due to the popularity of Betsoft games reaches high amounts. To win this jackpot, players simply need to get lucky and receive five of the fittingly celebratory confetti sevens. This win, however, is subject to players betting the maximum allowed.

Theme, Graphics and Sound

This slot is loud. Not so much in terms of its sound-effects but in regards to its design. The background is a bright purple and the reels are filled with colourful, and fruity, symbols, which are designed to look super juicy.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

Bearing in mind that without a maximum bet, a player cannot win the jackpot, it is wise to check prior to spinning that reel, how high the current jackpot is. Luckily, the current jackpot is prominently displayed. In case, the jackpot is low, you may not want to take the risk. Your chances of getting smaller and more frequent wins are also somewhat likely. However, when the jackpot reaches many thousands, plenty of players will flock to Jackpot Jamba, increasing their chances on the jackpot and subsequently decreasing your chances. Thus, giving the jackpot a shot is ideal when the jackpot reaches a median amount.

Our Verdict on Jackpot Jamba

Jackpot Jamba is fun, and colourful in design, but not all too crazy when it comes to the online slot’s functionalities. The jackpot is the main attraction of this Betsoft slot machine, with the uplifting colour-scheme adding to an overall well-designed online game.